Silvia and an interested visitor to the 2014 civil defence conference in São Paulo.

The first national conference on the civil defence of São Paulo – 1. Conferência Estadual de Proteção e Defesa Civil de São Paulo – was held in Brazil on April 13 and 14. Representing BLOBEL at our company stand, which was equipped with two types of barriers, our Portuguese-language brochures and our trade fair film, was Silvia Kühl. She was able to talk to many of the conference participants, who showed considerable interest in our products. Demand for more information material was equally strong. It’s clear that the Brazilian civil defence experts were highly impressed by the design and quality of our barriers. Thanks to the new contacts made, our participation at two further trade fairs in Brazil was also discussed. We’re delighted with this positive response, and we thank Silvia for the competent support she provided.