A-Rosa Sylt, 5-Star Luxury Resort
A-Rosa Sylt, 5-Star Luxury Resort, Spa
A-Rosa Sylt, 5-Star Luxury Resort, Barriers

This elegant and modern luxury-class hotel on the island of Sylt is spectacularly situated between the dunes, tideland, beach and the North Sea. To ensure that the elements “remain firmly outside” even when weather conditions are less than pleasant, BLOBEL barriers have been installed to protect sensitive areas against flooding.

The HDS barrier system is designed to seal off the salt-water wellness spa and connecting swim channel that form part of the 3,500-square-metre spa area, as well as the guest corridor and the various openings and passageways used, for example, as delivery entrances. Accesses to the basement are, in fact, safeguarded against flooding on all four sides – that is to say, all the way to the top.

In view of the increased stress that salt water and salty air place on materials, the U-shaped posts for the barriers are made not of the usual high-quality V2A steel but of V4A, a particularly resistant premium steel.